USTC Offers Free Membership and Covid-19 Training Course for 2020 to help our dojangs and industry!

Click on Membership/Covid to get started!

In an effort to Help and Support as many dojang owners as possible in the battle against Covid-19, The United States Taekwondo Committee is offering a FREE 2020 Dojang membership, which includes the Covid-19 Online Defense Training and Certification Course to ALL Taekwondo schools and their staff members around the world!

Your students and families will be comforted in knowing that you and your staff have gone the extra mile to get educated on the identification, procedures and prevention of the spread of Covid-19.

(Korean) 미국 태권도위원회는 Covid-19와의 전쟁에서 가능한 한 많은 도장 소유자를 돕기 위해 노력하고 있으며, 모든 태권도 학교에 대한 Covid-19 온라인 방어 훈련 및 인증 과정을 포함하여 무료 2020 도장 멤버십을 제공하고 있습니다. 전세계 직원들!

학생과 가족은 Covid-19의 확산에 대한 식별, 절차 및 예방에 대한 교육을 받기 위해 귀하와 귀하의 직원이 더 많은 마일을 갔다는 것을 알고 안심할 것입니다.

(En Espanol) En un esfuerzo por ayudar y apoyar a tantos propietarios de dojang como sea posible en la batalla contra Covid-19, el Comité de Taekwondo de los Estados Unidos ofrece una membresía Dojang 2020 GRATUITA, que incluye el curso de capacitación y certificación de defensa en línea Covid-19 para TODAS las escuelas de Taekwondo y sus miembros del personal en todo el mundo!

Sus estudiantes y familias se sentirán cómodos al saber que usted y su personal han hecho un esfuerzo adicional para educarse sobre la identificación, los procedimientos y la prevención de la propagación de Covid-19.

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